The application of SEO positioning techniques in 2019 not something to be taken lightly, because the most minimal SEO mistakes to avoid can result in a "penalty" from Google, namely, your website will not be taken into account by the father of internet search engines.

And what if this happens? Simple, no one will find your page or blog on the Internet organically, since it will be a long way from getting a good position in the search engine results.

Now, if you are wondering about the mistakes SEO to avoid this 2019, then we will share those bugs that end up billing your website. Let's see.

URLs sin keywords, Clear mistake!

This is one of the main mistakes beginners make; then do not include the keyword of the post or product description that you are selling in your online store is an action that Google is not forgiving.

In fact, for this one 2019, We recommend that the keywords you use for the URLs are long tail (or long tail), since they allow a better optimization of your website.

Not having an SSL certificate

Some websites have URLs that appear like this “http://”, while others are shown with "s" at the end, namely: https://. Lo cierto es que las que tienen esa letra adicional cuenta con cifrado o certificado SSL.

Good, the fact that a web page has this additional "s" in its URL tells us that all the data you enter on that site will be very well protected.

But, Not only that, having SSL also helps to improve the positioning of your website, thanks to Google recognizes your website as a safe place for users.

SSL certificate to improve web positioning in 2019

Neglecting the loading speed

Remember these words; If the loading speed of your web page is slow, users will not navigate on it and will leave it almost immediately. This translates into less chance of conversion..

And believe it or not, this aspect has a great influence on positioning.. Can we give you some advice? To make your website work faster, use free tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights y así mejorar la velocidad de carga.

Say goodbye to the blog

Today it is very difficult not to see an online store that does not have a blog. As you know, esta es una estrategia de contenido para ampliar la información sobre los productos de tu ecommerce y hacer que los usuarios te encuentren más rápido.

Yes indeed, the content you post on the blog must be original and quite useful for users, this way you will see that conversions will increase quickly.

Secondly, If you stop publishing information on a regular basis, you may lose visits and sales will decrease..

Do not create internal links

Google is usually very demanding to consider your website as a site with quality content, so To improve your SEO positioning you cannot forget to create internal links to link the new posts with other quality articles that you have on your site..

En el caso de que tengas un negocio online lo mejor que puedes hacer enlazar el contenido de tu blog con los productos que vendas.

Creation of internal links to improve SEO positioning in 2019

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