Any entrepreneur who has an online store wants to make sales; that's undeniable. If this is your case, stay with us because We teach you to sell more in your ecommerce through social networks.

Steps to sell more in your ecommerce using social networks

Following these five tips given after years of experience working for clients with online stores that have grown very optimistically, we assure you that, for sure, you are going to sell more.

Social strategy planning

The first thing is to think. We have to plan a specific strategy for social networks, which will be part of our plan de marketing digital general.

This strategy will be nothing more than the use of certain resources to achieve the implementation of a set of ideas and plans designed to achieve specific objectives., individual, for you and your business.

We will consider, As minimum:

  • The target audience: What are their characteristics? Age, gender, interests, behavior on the network, shopping habits…
  • The objectives: What do you want to achieve? Be precise and define your goals, whatever type they are.
  • Platforms to use: What are the places where your audience is? What social networks are most effective in your sector?
  • Contents: Depending on the objectives, we will choose the type of content to share. In what format?
  • Diffusion: How will you spread them? You have to create a calendar, set a percentage of useful content, direct sales, curiosities of the sector, news and updates ...


Work on social profiles

Selected platforms, we will have to create (modify the) our profiles. For it, we will work on:

  • Picture: It always has to be of high quality. Of course, must be royalty free and, if possible, we advise that it be of our own elaboration; this will make the user not have a negative feeling when seeing the well-known free images that are everywhere, in addition to customizing your site.
  • Information of interest: Of course, choose the most relevant information about your business and put it on your profile. Do not abuse this point, only what can be most useful for both the user and to achieve your goals.
  • Hashtags: Para Twitter, include hashtags with your keywords in your description; you will be working the SEO web positioning without realizing it.
  • Reviews (2): Activate the opinions option in FB. In this way, Readers will see real opinions from other users who have already been or are customers.


Sell ​​from the networks

Besides making you see, at present you can also sell (or almost) from these platforms.

  • Call button: In FB you have this resource that takes the user to your store, to the address you prefer.
  • Store Option: Recently, it is not necessary for the user to go to your website but you can enable the Store option.
  • FB services: In this social network you can also develop the services you offer, so that the user will know them only by visiting your profile.
  • Links to your site: Your posts, with links to your site, will attract visitors.
  • Catalogue: On Pinterest you can, even, assemble and display your own product catalog.


Work on your content

This section could easily give for another post. But nevertheless, What should be noted on this occasion is that for sell more in an ecommerce through social networks you also need to create quality content, useful and periodically.

Not because it is a social network do we have to abandon this very necessary aspect in current SEO.


Optimize your resources to focus on selling

Of course, you will need to optimize, even more, your time and other resources needed to make sales, Well, it is still an extra job thinking to get more, which requires a greater effort.

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