5 tips for design a landing page effective

When it comes to offering you on the net, studying how to do it is essential to avoid going on an adventure. It is also important to set goals and know how to make them "tangible" on your website.. For both, you need to know how to design an effective landing page that presents what you want to make known.

You don't need to do a master's degree to get your landing page to work. In fact, the basics you should know to achieve it is very little; the rest is adding sugar.

Your goal should be to convert

Convert means to get the user to perform the action for which you create a resource, in this case, tu landing page. This may be different depending on which ones you look further afield: get an email address or phone, that the user share content, to access a section of your ecommerce, download a pdf or what, simply, lower your bounce rate.

To get a conversion, evidently, we must design what is known as a call to action, which is nothing other than what will make the user react: a button, a phrase ... Something different and specific that allows you to achieve that desired conversion.

One action per page

Being designed to achieve a specific conversion, ideally, global browsing is not allowed; this should give a feeling of easy abandonment of the place. You must limit as much as possible the options that the visitor will have, leading to what we want to achieve.

It is for this reason that you have to think very well about the design of a site. We can say "good, well we do a lot of pages, one per share ". Yes, good, but ... won't it be too much? A good amount of time should be spent deciding which landings to create, without the number being abusive and making navigation difficult, something that will make the user run away.

Simple and sufficient structure

Although the structure does not have to be the same as the others, but there are several of them that will be effective, what is important is that,choose the one you choose, the information you give is necessary according to your objective (no more, No less) and that it is ordered in a logical way and easy to address.

In any case, Elements that cannot be missing and that are repeated in any good landing are a striking image, of good quality, that is able to attract attention at first, a title that specifically shows your product or service and, obviously, the call to action.

What's more, other elements that will add value are a list of benefits, real customer reviews, a demonstration video ...

Diseño responsive

We have commented on it on multiple occasions and we cannot stop doing it: the diseño responsive it is a necessity in the network. The websites that do not include it are personalized and, of course, user cannot comfortably operate from different devices. Thus, you have to work on a site design that changes depending on the access device.

Think like the user

When you go to design a landing page do not forget to look at it as if you were the one who wanted to read it. Seen this way, you will realize what is left over and what is lacking, as well as what should be modified.

This is, say things as they are, without exaggeration and without lying, of course. Give simple explanations, with short phrases and highly visual structures that facilitate the user experience.

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